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About Us

Helping And Loving Others
James 2:14-18
Congressional District Programs (CDP), a 501(c)3 Public Charity.  All donations are tax deductible.


The H.A.L.O. Network is a non-profit organization at at H. A. L. O. Network.  The following are program designed to prepare the community for a disaster.  The Network will help ease tensions and minimize anxieties in these communities during any emergency, natural or man made. 

Training for Public Schools


School Teachers Against New Dangers

Corporate sponsorship is available for the training of our local teachers.  The teacher's in-service offers training for student/teacher safety and assistance with a plan for all types of disasters and hazards.  All hazard mitigation (training) is the priority, whether terrorist threats, pandemic, or other natural disasters. 

Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning for Schools

The need for the Emergency Management Planning for Schools:

Surveys of school Emergency Response plans reveal a number of common problems:

  1. Plans are developed in isolation from emergency responders and other community officials
  2. Plans are vague and responsibilities are not clearly defined.
  3. School personnel are not aware of the plans or do not understand the plans.
  4. Plans are not exercised appropriately.
  5. Plans do not cover all hazards.

School leaders have a legal and moral obligation to make schools as safe as possible for children and to minimize potential harm in the event of emergencies and disasters.  Planning and preparation should be done on purpose, not by accident.


The goals of the S.T.A.N.D. program are to provide emergency planning guidance to those participants responsible for developing or maintaining an effective Emergency Response Plan for their schools, and to support these planning efforts with any follow up activities necessary.

The Process

bulletAwareness Session
bulletTwo - day Workshop
bulletFollow up activities as requested

Key Concepts

bulletThe Planning Team
bulletHazard Analysis
bulletHazard Mitigation
bulletEmergency Plans
bulletSpecial Planning considerations
bulletEmergency Planning and the Law
bulletIncident Command system
bulletDrills and response actions
bulletExercising and Testing the plan
bulletRecovery issues

Personnel Eligible for Training

bulletSAU Personnel
bulletSchool Administrators
bulletKey Teachers
bulletSchool support Staff:  Custodian, Secretary, Cooks, etc.
bulletSchool Board Members
bulletOther Elected Officials
bulletEmergency Management Personnel
bulletPublic Works Director
bulletTransportation Coordinator
bulletStudent Representatives

Contact Information

Postal address
P.O Box 2204
        Evansville, IN  47728
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