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The Silent Witness Art Print

After the rapture occurs,

will you continue to be a Silent Witness?   

Have you ever thought about what's going to happen to all the people who are left behind when the rapture occurs?  Who or what are they going to turn to for answers to their questions during these perilous times, and what answers will they be given and by whom?

    As Christians, we should be moved by  these questions.  So moved in fact, we can't sit still or sleep at night for the concern and compassion we feel for our friends, neighbors, and even family during these dangerous and deceitful times.  These are the people who we have witnessed to through the years but have yet to make that eternal life changing decision.

    For the most part, we, as believers in Christ Jesus, have become very complacent in our thinking, our lifestyles and our actions.  It is easy to feel good knowing you personally have salvation in the Lord.  We as God's people get excited , and rightly so, about His promise that we will be taken up to meet Christ in the air (1 Cor. 15:52, 1 Thes. 4:16,17).  However, we tend to feel when this does occur, that our commission as His servants will end and our lives as God's witnesses will be finished.  But will it?  We tend to have comfort from this promise and give little thought to the people who are left and to their continuing need for salvation.  Most of us are just grateful and relieved that we won't be to be here to experience God's wrath during these difficult times (1 Thes. 5:9).

Can you imagine if there was a "witnessing tool" which you could use as a conversation piece in your home, church or workplace before the rapture takes place and then would continue to significantly evangelize even after?  What an important impact a "witnessing tool" of this magnitude will make for the kingdom of our Lord and Savior.  It will be a light in the darkness answering the most important questions people will be asking and will be the guide to their most critical decision, which is eternal salvation.

    Now we feel you can put some of these unsettling question to rest by leaving behind your personal "Silent Witness".  The "Silent Witness" is an ongoing statement of your  faith and your continuing desire to bring souls to the Lord thy God before, and yes, even after the rapture occurs.  What make the 'Silent Witness" so unique is its personal testimonial design.  It is to be signed by you and other Christians of you choice to attest to the reason we have all disappeared.  It has to been said, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Inspired by the Holy Ghost, the "Silent Witness" is an illustration depicting the events which will come upon the whole world prior to Christ's return according to God's Word.  The text is taken from the King James version of the Bible  It gives instruction and warning concerning the false prophet, the Antichrist and the mark of the beast.  It provides peace and assurance to those who will be left behind, explaining where God's people have gone, and the hope that they too may come to the Lord through His plan of salvation, by grace, and may also enter into His kingdom.

      The full color, 19" x 27 1/2", high quality print of this beautifully painted illustration has been professionally reproduced on premium grade paper stock.  It is ready to mat and frame once it has been signed.  It is suitable for any decor.  Whether placed in your formal living room, in a college dormitory, or in the office, it will definitely get people's attention, creating opportunities for sharing God and His plan of salvation.  We are confident that you will enjoy this exciting new way of sharing the gospel with the unsaved.


The Silent Witness

Two Witness Production

Helping to prepare God's people

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