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About Us

    Basic Emergency Family Pack
    8 to 10 years of peace of mind for your family

    Insure your family is safe with one kit.

      One purchase will prevent your family from harm in a disaster that would last longer than a week.  A Resource manual with food supplies is key to managing in a disaster.  It includes alternative options for heating, lighting and cooking. Also included Making the Best of Basics Cookbook to know how to cook the emergency supplies.  Finally, we include a Cooking With Basics Video to make it easier for you.
    Our food supplies include 6 pails of our products. They are packed in 5 gallon pails with Mylar bags using gasketed lids with a 1,000cc 02 absorber to maintain their whole grain goodness for 8 to10 years.  We included a grain mill and lid lifter for your convenience.


    with 2 bottles of Ion Stabilizer are included to purify

     water for drinking and cooking.

    Basic Family Pack with 2 bottles of Ion Stablizer  

    No shipping costs for local deliveries.  Call for details.




    Ron Wells Consulting provides the most economical and long-lasting foundation for your family's emergency food supply.
    Each Basic Family Pack contains the following:
    1 Making the Best of Basics Cookbook and Resource guide
    2 Whole rolled oats, ready to cook
    1 Hard red winter wheat from Montana
    1 Cracked dried yellow dent corn
    1 Enriched long grain white rice
    1 Double-cleaned pinto beans
    2 bottles of ion stabilizer treats up to 220 gallons of water
    1 Lid Lifter
    1 Back to Basics Grain Mill
    1 Cooking With Basics Video
    Ron Wells Consulting has the ability to provide the information, education and resources needed for emergency preparedness planning.
    Ron Wells Consulting
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    P.O Box 2204
            Evansville, IN  47728
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