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Risk, Crisis and Emergency Management Consultant for home, church, group, schools and business

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 earthquakes, tornadoes and pandemic outbreaks!
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About Us

Do you need help with the pandemic planning for your company?

Emergency Business Planning for Short or Long Term Disruptions

Peace of Mind for your Company

bulletEmployee safety, retention and absentee reduction strategies
bulletShort and long term reliance strategies for all hazards and environments
bulletPreparedness Levels I, II and III   
bulletPreparing for natural, technological, and social hazards
bulletKnowing what to expect when local, state and federal agencies respond to an event and what they want to know for the safety of you and your family
bulletAgency directives:  Fire service, law enforcement, school system, health providers, Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross utilities and others

Get your 5 hour assessment soon, call Ron at 812-858-7071. 

Peace of Mind for your employees and their families

Another service offered to prepare your employees with disaster planning so they can feel comfortable to stay at work or return to work quickly.

I offer a full family service where I identify the needs of your employee's family in a time of disaster, whether a short or long term disruption, and I prepare them with not only supplies, but equipment and training for the entire family.

Call Ron at 858-7071 for a workshop/in-service on your site.


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