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About Us

Mission Statement

Committed to spiritual and practical preparedness for these times in which we live.  Providing information, education and resources for self reliant living, form a prudent and practical Christian perspective.

Company Profile

Ron Wells Consulting group partners with a cross section of business, industry and health providers to develop strategies for all types of disasters and hazard by using risk management and emergency preparedness.

Ron Wells has a long history of education and training in disaster planning. He works and trains extensively with FEMA and other federal agencies as it relates to emergency management principles:  mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.  Feel free to look at his qualifications and education. 



I am  53 years old and have been married to my wife for 33 years.  We have 3 daughters.  I am a native of the Evansville area.   I enjoy working with families, churches, community groups, schools and businesses in all areas of risk, crisis, and emergency management.  I serve on various committees in an ongoing mitigation effort to promote homeland defense strategies.


1980     to present, diplomas, various workshops, field training and seminars in all hazard mitigation and    safety (FEMA) Emergency management Institute, (NFA) National Fire Academy, (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation.

2007    certification, Emergency Managment Institute's ICS-400, US Dept of Homeland Security; Center for Domestic Preparedness

 2007    certification, Pandemic Influenza Planning and Preparedness, US Dept of Homeland Security; Center for Domestic Preparedness

 2007    certification, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, US Dept of Homeland Security; (EMRTC) New Mexico Tech

 2007    certification,  Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombers, US Dept of Homeland Security;  (EMRTC) New Mexico Tech

2006     certification, WMD Incident Management/ Unified Command Course ,US Dept of Homeland Security; Texas A&M University

2006     certification, Incident Management/ Unified Command for Terrorism/ MGT313/ICS300, State of Indiana, Department of Homeland Security

2006     certification, WMD Emergency Medical Services Training Course, US Dept of Homeland Security; Center for Domestic Preparedness

2005     certification, WMD Hands-on-training Course (COBRA ), US Dept of Homeland Security; Center for Domestic Preparedness

2005     certification, WMD Incident Command Course (COBRA), US Dept of Homeland Security; Center   for Domestic Preparedness

2004      board member of (TIKI MAST) Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri Military Assistance to Safety Traffic

2004     certification, Instructor Training Certification Course, US Dept of Homeland Security; Center for Domestic Preparedness,

2004     certification, WMD General Instructor, US Dept of Homeland Security;  Center for Domestic Preparedness

2004     certification, (NIMS) National Incident Management System (24 Hours), State of Indiana

2003     certification, (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team Train-the-Trainer, State of Indiana

2003     certification, Respiratory Protection Program administrator, US Dept of Homeland Security; Center for Domestic Preparedness

2002     certification, First Responder Emergency Medical Services, State of IN   

2002     certifications, First Responder Hazardous Materials Technician and Decontamination Operations, Indiana State Emergency Management Agency

2002     diploma, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools

2001     diploma, US Department of Justice, National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (NERRTC); Weapons of Mass Destruction; Incident Management/ Unified command

2000     diploma, Public Agency Training Council; Critical Incident Response to School Violence

1987     diploma's Sentry Commercial/ Personal Lines Underwriters School

1980     diploma, American College of Insurance Underwriters

                Student of Judeo Christian Bible prophecy


bulletFounder of Outsource Mitigation Solutions  1980 to present
bulletFamily safety preparedness consultant for individuals, families and groups
bulletShort and long term reliance strategies for all hazards, environments and preparedness levels I, II, III
bulletMitigation awareness, preparedness education and training seminars
bulletCo-founder of HALO Network Foundation
bulletRisk, Crisis and Emergency management consultant for public and private sectors
bulletCommunity preparedness and educational outreach program development

Recent Meetings and Activity:  Indianapolis Star article from the Vincennes University was conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at


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