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About Us

Give back to your Community Are you prepared for a pandemic?


Have the supplies necessary to keep your family safe.

Ron Wells Consulting offers an all hazard mitigation approach in areas of risk, crisis, and emergency management for home, church, group, school and business.  Implementing sound principles of emergency management:  mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery will help to minimize the loss of life, property and revenue.

Ron Wells is a specialist in disaster protection planning for home, church, group, public and private sectors.  He provides peace of mind for you.  Ron Wells Consulting can assist with disaster planning by getting you the supplies, equipment and training you need to safely go through any wide spread or long term disruption.


Business Disaster Planning

Do you need help with the pandemic planning for your company?

Who can benefit from the service of Ron Wells Consulting
bulletNursing homes
bulletFinancial Institutions
bulletFiremen, Police, First Responders
bulletCritical Service Providers
bulletHealthcare Providers
bulletHotels, Etc. . .


Is your business prepared for a disaster? Businesses can reduce employee absenteeism during a disaster by preparing their employees and their families.  Ron Wells Consulting can prepare your business. The use of emergency business planning for short or long term disruptions can prepare your business.


Family preparedness  


Is your family safe in time of disaster? Families feel safe because Ron Wells Consulting can prepare them to care for themselves during a disaster.  Supplies, Education and training are necessary to become your family's "first responder".


M.A.P.S. Workshop

A 3 hour workshop to train and educate you and your family.  Employers can also offer an onsite in-service to train employees for safety and preparedness.

 The Silent Witness Art Print

The "Silent Witness" is an ongoing statement of your  faith and your continuing desire to bring souls to the Lord. 



H.A.L.O. Network  a non-profit organization

Training, information, and the placement of emergency supplies is key to caring for a community in a time of disaster.  Effectively responding to your community in a time of disaster with food and water is essential to recovery of a community.  H.A.L.O.  Network's  mission is to train, prepare, respond and assist with recovery in a community.

Mitigation (Training)

School Teachers Against New Dangers (STAND)

                This Corporate Sponsor in-service trains teacher for times of disaster.

M.A.P.S. workshops for churches, neighborhood groups, and individuals

               Sponsoring a M.A.P.S. workshop  is a great way to be involved in your community.


    Community Outreach Partnership Program (COPP)

                This H.A.L.O. pack of emergency food, water, supplies and equipment for your neighborhood is located in a local church or facility with trained volunteers. These H.A.L.O. pack can be your neighborhoods "first responders" in times of disaster, whether tornado, pandemic, etc.. Instead of violence breaking out in a community, a prepared location (like a church) can save a neighborhood from social unrest, vandalism and chaos. Keep your neighborhood safe with emergency supplies.
Be smart with a COPP in your community.



            School bus drivers in your area can be trained in an in-service to assist with evacuation in times of disaster. 



            Sponsor a recovery team in your area.  Get your community back to business and life quickly by having a trained recovery team in your community.


Mitigation defined: any action taken to eliminate or reduce the long term risk to human life and property from natural, technological, or social hazards.

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